Monday, March 4, 2013

Bagac 2012

Bagac, Bataan... Definitely a serene place. No stress, just love.

And here's ME on my outfit post :)
I am wearing an Aviator Shades and a long Tee from Forever 21.

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Haha sorry for that Advertisement :3

Going back...

We wre caught off-guard!

Stolen shot, again!

These lovely photos of us above are from Felynne's Iphone Shots :)

Well here are some sceneries on our way here!

Jera definitely needs to work-out those abs haha! Aezon is doin' good with his muscles!

Hi Felynne!
She is the one who took the stolen shots!
We call this place the
"Pinagbibibiak na bato"

Whoops! You have a stolen shot as well! Gotcha!

And at last, we found a good way to rest!

Self-timera, go!

Here is a silly picture of us while chillin' on the rocks of Bagac.

Me, My Boyfriend, Jera, His friends June and Aezon and Felynne his Girlfriend.

Here is another shot of us :)

We were also with Aaron and Grace!
Thanks to Aaron's Family and her sister, this trip was possible.

Going up and down in this trail.
It is not easy at seems walking through this path!

But this is the reward scene :)

Well that's all for this post!
Thanks for reading!


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