Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HAU Revisited

Sooo. It's been a while since my last visit at Holy Angel University, my Alma Matter. 
I graduated here last 2009 (whew, that's almost 4 years already since then!) with a degree in AB Communication with the Area of Specialization in Advertising and Public Relations. 

Here is the place where my passion for photography was honed.

Every February of the year, HAU celebrates its University Days where several events are being prepared. Hautaw, Battle of the Bands and Mardi Gras are some of the contests which I think are still being held during these days which I think started from a batch where I am in :) Mr. and Ms. University is also held during these days. And, ehem... during my time, I was one of the candidates. Well, read my whole post and you'll see some photos I had during those times :) There is also a Car Show, Art Contests, and Etc. 

Since I was only present on 1 day and the last day of the 3-day UDAYS, I will tell you how they celebrated it as I walk the streets of HAU,

To start off is one event which is new for me for HAU:

Aguman Sanduk is tradition where real man, not gay, wear fantabulous ladies' costumes. This is not really new for me because this tradition originated in our neighbor town, Minalin. They celebrate it during January 1, New Year!

After that, we walked the streets of HAU.

We played silly over the mirror. It's funny though, our face are distorted! Hahaha!

We took a picture of the Angel beside the Library which was lighted during that day.

I saw a "props" thing and took it for some picture takings.
It had CASED sign it. It stand s for College of Arts & Sciences and Education. I belong to that college! 

We got a little tired so we rested for a while near STL Building. They have a new place to hangout and relax there.

During the 3-Day University days are booths as well. We took a sidetrip at the Moonleaf Booth! My boyfriend and I's favorite is Yakult flavored tea but this time we tried Passion Fruit Yakult tea.

Here are 2 Yakults being mixed to our tea. 

Thinking that Aguman Sanduk was the only available event during that day, we went further on walking. Besides, it has been a while since I went here so time for some reflections hehe.

And.... We saw this-TAKSYAPO WALL!
This is something adapted from a restaurant in Tarlac, it's Palaisdaan. We did not try it though.

And while we were here, Jera, my BF, saw a friend and told us that there is a Battle of the Bands happening at the Gymnasium. There are lots of things around the campus being repaired and built that it covered the back part of the University where the gym is located.

So there, walking again, we were welcomed with this! Yey for rides! We did not ride one though because the moment we decided to, there were not any who were willing to ride so we just cancelled the idea :(

And at last, at the Gym...
what we saw....... 
The Awarding! 

Gah! Too late for us!

Glad I saw some friend on stage, Jaena and Gelo of the Band KAYO. They did not join this time. Gelo's a judge and Jaena I think hosted the event.

Almost about to go home, we dropped for some snaps. These are photos of the actual print. I forgot the link where to get the digital file hehe.

So there. A revisit of my Alma Matter. 

And, a peak of my Awkward Days :) Thanks for walking through my posts!

I did not win but I gained many friends here.\

Trivia: They said I was top 6 (they only took the top 5), and I was 2nd placer for Ms. Congeniality as well. That's what they told me <3 Always a muntik ng sumabit! Haha.

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