Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maternity Shoot

This is my very amateur Maternity Shoot for Daphne Lorenzo-Mendoza. I'm glad she trusted me to do this. I was really very hesitant at first that's why we ended up shooting on her 7th month. I read that it's good to shoot at the 6th Month. Her stomach would be in a much better shape then. If it wouldn't be for her "surprise" baby shower, I would not be rushing to do this. I really wanted her to take some professional shoot but circumstances allowed me to do hers.

We took this photo on a tuesday night, and her "surprise" baby shower was set on the Saturday of that week! I knew that I had to do it at that time because we need a photo for her banner. The very reason why it really has to be me that time was because she was very hesitant to go nude for someone she is not very close to. So, there goes the convincing part.

Special thanks goes to Paolo, Daphne's husband for letting me use his camera and borrowing a flash from his classmate to do this shoot. Boyscout eh? One lucky wife Daphne is :) He also helped me with the lighting. Some shots were done because of his lighting skills.

I know, it was already kinda late for marron for me to send her edited photos. It's just  14 days before she gets baby the baby out. Well, okay, approximately 14 days as of this writing :) The baby will be named Phoenyx Diondre. He is Daphne and Paolo's Little Prince!

I did not have all the softwares to edit. Because my laptop's broken, Well, this is the very reason for all the delay. I have to be resourceful enough to find some good apps in the Chrome Store. Pic Monkey, Pixlr and Cheapstamatic were my friends for this post processing!

Be  a good boy, Baby Phoenyx Diondre!
Btw, I said "surprise" with quotation marks because Daphne found out the whole party! Lol!

So, there goes my post! Thank you for reading. I hope I can inspire hopefuls in photography.

Marla Madayag

Here are some more of the photos

A. Bright

B. Vintage Part 1

C. Vintage Part 2

D. Drama

E. Colorful

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